There is a good chance that you are currently pursuing a particular goal in your life. You might be aiming for a job promotion,getting to grips with a new hobby, planning an amazing family holiday trip aboard, looking to lose weight or possibly moving house.

Being goal oriented is part and parcel of the human experience.

There are however two very different types of goals – Intrinsic vs Extrinsic.

“Intrinsic goals are an internal form of motivation where you strive towards a goal for personal satisfaction or accomplishment. They relate to your passions in life, your relationships ,interests and key values”. 

Some examples of intrinsic goals are:-

  • Being more active together as a family would fit well into this category. Kids love to play with their parents.
  • Improving your yoga practice and enjoying the sense of calm it’s brings to you.

“Extrinsic goals ,on the other hand, are motivated by some outside demand, obligation or reward that requires the achievement of a particular goal. They are focussed on the prize at the end of the journey and have little regard to the process of getting there”.

Some examples of extrinsic goals are:-

  • Completing a 12 week diet and exercise plan to fit into that outfit you have bought for the office Xmas party.
  • Getting that job promotion and be rewarded by the extra salary and the increase in status.

Heading into 2019 there will undoubtedly be a rash of endurance events ,being sent your way , all enticing you to set a new physical challenge ,raise funds for charity and boost your fitness levels. 

There is also no doubt that all these aims are very worthy and worthwhile and exposure will develop your skills and experience to multiple forms of exercise. There is however a potential down side to what happens in the longer term once the event has been completed, the celebrations enjoyed and the muscle stiffness eased.

So rather than sign up the latest run, ride,walk event  that is being sent your way opt instead to spend some time on what you find intrinsically rewarding, where do your interests and passions  is key if you are to be happy, raise self esteem and overall happiness.

For me I have found my happy in running. I will often go for a run for the sake of it, just because I really enjoy the doing. I am intrinsically rewarded and then I feel happy and fulfilled.

Recently joining Edinburgh Athletics Club has brought me joy and appreciation that being part of a tribe is key to my happiness.Doing things with like minded people sounds so simple but I believe it is so important in ensuring your success in any physical pursuit. .

Find your tribe and you will find your path to success.